Why Pay, If There Are So Many Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website?

This article aims to provide you with free, handy, yet proven techniques on how to generate traffic to your website free. Every website owner wishes for steady web traffic that would eventually put their site at the top of all search engines, to gather more visitors to the website and that those visitors eventually will turn to customers.

Web traffic is the data sent and received by visitors in a website. It constitutes a greater portion of web or internet traffic. The number of visits to your website determines the traffic to your website, and search engines monitor the incoming and outgoing of visitors in a particular website. There are many ways to increase web traffic. It’s not only on SEO and PPC. You can also use your email. Use it by sending bulk mails. You can also use banner in your website or pop ads.

Being on the top of search engines, or being on the top ten of search engines is important, because if your website is not visible on top, there is more likely that visitors will not find you and so there will be lesser or no visitors at all.

Fallacy on Web Traffic and Search Engines

Maintaining a website does not end in creating a web page and filling on the sub pages. After the website is finished and the content is ready for viewers to see and read, you still have to work for it.

It will be useless if after all your hardships of bringing in the products, paying a writer for your web content and then submitting to the internet, you stop there. As I said, you have a lot of work to do after your website is ready. With so much competition on the web, if you keep your site idle, it is as good as non-existence.

Put your site into traffic. It is the most important component to generate profit on your website.

Increasing Web Traffic on a Daily Basis

So that your website will continue its success, it must have a steady flow of traffic. While there are many ways to increase your visitors: there is no instant flow of traffic that will hit your website. Everything is a process. It needs time, work, and patience. To increase your traffic daily is to focus on proven internet marketing methods and always have patience to wait for the result. It may take quite some time, but the longevity of web traffic after those hardships of working on SEO, submitting to directories and likes is worth a fortune.

Focus on SEO campaign. You need to create a good SEO strategy. If you know how to do this right and have the patience to wait for the end results, chances are, you will have a better place in all search engines.

The Use of Widgets

Widgets are add-ons located at the sidebars of a website or a blog. They can be little things on your site that attract visitors; you can also use them to generate traffic.

A widget is used to post previously posted comments is beneficial. It displays a link to older posts so that when visitors visit your site or blog, he, or she will remain longer there enjoying the posts.

Generating Traffic without the Help of Search Engines

To keep your site in excellent exposure, you have to keep it close to search engines. Being on the first top ten of all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN is important. Although it is not a guarantee that you will always be on top of all search engines no matter what you do, because of so many websites and people doing SEO, ranking is likely to change fast.

With the rapid changing of search ranking, you must learn how to generate traffic without the use of the search engines. Doing so will keep your website stronger even without search engines.

Here is what you should do:

Create a blog. A blog acts as your Company’s representative. What customers are looking for in the net is information and useful content that they can read and gain knowledge. When your blog contains valuable information, you can use it to advertise your site also.

Due to changes in search engines, blog searches are also becoming popular in the search engines. Most visitors would rather search for blogs since they know that it contain useful information.

Learn to Analyze Your Website Traffic

We have learned that Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing are powerful tools to keep your website on the top searches; it is not enough to be content with them. It is also important to learn to analyze your website traffic.

Now that you have done all the work it is time to check a website analyzer to ensure your work is paying off. In order to do this, you have to know how much traffic is coming in, which article is doing well, what page is gaining popularity, where visitors are coming from and so on. You have to learn how to analyze all of those.

Analyzing traffic that is coming in to your website is important. You will know the following when you do:

– How many page views each day

– Number of visits

– Where visitors are coming from

Google Analytics is free, gives you a wealth of information, and its setup is quite simple, specifically if you are using a WordPress.org blog for your web presence, where free plugins handle all the programming for you.

Attracting Traffic to Your Website Even when you are sleeping

Why do some who spend all their time and money to generate traffic to their website and it seem there are others who run it on autopilot? When you want to attract free traffic to your website, it is very important to use the right keywords. Low competition keywords will start to generate traffic into your website even when you are sleeping.

To ensure your site is attracting lots of free traffic, you should use more low competition keywords in your articles and on your website. Link building is also very important in generating traffic. First is, with the link itself you can build traffic and those links will position your website better on the search engines.

You not only make links from various websites pointing to your web pages but you can also make a link within your website pages. This technique will boost your site performance on the search engines and will keep visitors longer on your website.

Keywords are important because they are the words often used by internet users to search for something. Nevertheless, even when you have targeted keywords and visitors find your site, if they cannot find valuable information there, visitors will draw back, and your web traffic will suffer. It is important to have both targeted key words and quality content.

You need to have a lot of quality backlinks, keywords, and useful information to keep traffic continuously growing. Create fresh quality articles daily. Google loves fresh content.

If you want to build multiple streams of traffic, you have to start as early as today. When one searches for a website on the internet, he or she would like to look for the best website that has all the credibility.

Keep your website attractive and friendly to users. Let it have quality content, be educational and most of all enjoyable. Search engines do matter; but no matter how you build better Search Engine Optimization it will do no good when visitors will not enjoy or find your site useful. You have to be creative and unique to catch the attention of internet users. Remember that in the internet world there is a close competition.

Important Website Traffic Information For Site Owners

But, this is not the case and will be the end of many websites that take this approach or lack of knowledge. Did you know that there are over 4,000,000 plus websites on the internet today. However, there are also something like over 1,000,000 spam sites clogging up the internet too. These spam sites divert traffic from all the useful sites. They send your visitors into advertising nets that are a maze to get out of and full of those annoying pop ups. Those types of sites are generally designed with the sole purpose of generating traffic and not actually providing the web with any useful information.

Visitors do not just magically appear at your site. Ok, maybe you have a few people accidentally come across your website or blog, but there is a slim chance that they will actually stay there for very long. The reason for not getting website traffic to your website or blog straight away is because all traffic needs a source.

People need to see a link to the site and then clink on that link to get to your site. Alternatively, they need to see the address on some form of marketing and then physically search for your website or blog from there.

But, there is also another form of traffic that you want to get as well. It’s called organic search engine traffic. When you have a new website and you want it to be seen in the search engines, then this is the type of traffic that you want to attract.

This is the hardest kind of website traffic to build though, because your site needs to be pretty near the top of the search engines and attract visitors to click on it. Remember too, that you are also in competition with over 4,000,000 other websites. So, if your site is sitting on page 99 of the Google page ranking for any particular keywords, then it unlikely that your site will get noticed at all.

Your keywords should also be ones that are common and searched for very often. If you use random or obscure keywords, then is likely that you will only get a few hits. You should also remember that you are able to buy traffic too. For about $100 or so, you can buy traffic from a company. But just because you’re buying this traffic does not guarantee in any way that you’re going to make money.

If those visitors are only random and untargeted then it’s likely that you are not going to make any profit and will in fact be a waste of your time and money. What you need to be doing is finding viable techniques for getting website traffic. What we are wanting to do is create a steady stream of traffic, because if you don’t have that then you won’t make any money from your website and you will not do very well.

Website Traffic and Sales:

As every website owner should know, traffic is the key to making sales, and a sale is your key to making money on the internet. Traffic is sales and profit, but it must be targeted traffic, people willing to buy. You’re not wanting a lot of visits from people not intending to buy your product or service. So, you should try to avoid those traffic generating schemes that seem too good to be true, because they probably are.

There are many methods that traffic can create money for you, including:

· More sales – by attracting more visitors, the more chance you have of selling that product or service. With the more products and services you sell, the more money you make.
· Create a list of prospects – a mailing list is the best way to keep visitors informed of your business. When you create traffic to your site you are also able to build your list.
· Get your site noticed – by attracting more traffic to your site, then the more people are going to get to know who you are.

These people will then tell others about your site and business and they will hopefully then visit your website also and ultimately buy your product. It’s really very simple – if don’t have any traffic, then you’re not going to make any money. That’s just the way things work, whether it be a high street shop or your online business.

Two Methods For Getting Traffic:

There are two ways that you can generate traffic on the Internet. They are pretty easy and concise and include:

1. Free Traffic
2. Paid Traffic

Free traffic is not totally free traffic. Well, it’s free in monetary terms but will cost you in terms of time and effort. Also, neither way is guaranteed to generate you traffic or earn you money, but it is a great place to begin and both of these traffic generating techniques are can be extremely powerful when used to it full potential.

Paying for traffic is a useful tool, but it depends on the kind of product that you are wanting to sell. If you’re using the Google AdWords program, then you should be using paid advertising to generate your traffic in a very efficient way.

Visitors that click on you advertisement are more likely to have an interest in what you are sell, and they are more likely to purchase your product. Along with this, those people that click on your adverts generally have the idea that they will be sent to site that paid for that placement and know that they will be sent to a site that will be offering them something for sale.

This is generally the correct way to make money from paid traffic. But of course there also and incorrect way to use AdWords yet still make money! EG: Perry Marshall is an expert in the use of paid advertising to get traffic and make a profit, but he uses Google AdWords incorrectly. Then again though, there is also Jimmy Brown, who merely gives away free reports and can generate a huge amount of viral traffic this way. He can generate traffic with little effort and does it all for free.

If you look at both approaches, you’re likely to find that there’s no straight answer for what is the best technique. Both are effective if used appropriately and aimed to your product. On the other hand though, you can do a whole lot of work and make a whole lot of nothing too. It’s just about how you are able to control the medium.

101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is very important to the success of every webmaster and blogger. It doesn’t matter how great your content is, it still needs to be read and it is traffic that makes this possible. This post will be listing 101 ways by which you can traffic to your blog.

By driving traffic doesn’t mean just getting more visitors. Before you start with your drive traffic campaign, make sure you set your goals. For example, if you are building traffic for your consumer website, you need to take care of demographics. Getting those visitors, who doesn’t have purchasing power is waste of time and resource. Similarly, on blogs, if you are not getting targeted traffic from search engines or from referral sites, your conversion rate and CTR will be too low.

So let’s start with my big list of traffic driving formula for your blog.

1. Write quality Posts:

This is the first tip which anyone would give to you. A Quality blog comes with quality content. Write well researched and detailed information.

2. Comment on other blogs:

Needless to say, commenting helps in many ways. Free Backlinks and also for personal branding. Follow one thumb rule: Comment only when you have some value to add, else if you like the post and want to show your appreciation, instead of just saying “nice post”, like or share that post.

3. Guest post on other blogs.:

With article directory value decreasing, it’s always a good idea to start guest posting. With a clever guest post campaign, you can build HQ backlinks and also increase your credibility. For a good Moz rank, it’s important to get high backlink and also to your internal pages and now homepage alone.

4. Optimize your blog for search engines.:

Alright, I know SEO scares you but believe me it’s not a rocket science. It’s like some good practice that everyone should follow. Learn about onpage SEO and also about how to give proper SEO structure to your blog. My suggestion, spend 2 hours a day for learning SEO and by the end of month, you can take care of most of basic SEO issues.

5. Participate in forums related to your niche and include a link to your blog in your signature.

6. Make use of trackbacks- A trackback on copyblogger sent me over 20 unique visitors.

7. Write List posts.:

Now, when I say write list posts, it doesn’t mean go ahead and work like “Top 10″ “Top 101″, make sure your list is up to the mark and actually contains “Top” “Best of” instead of random websites or apps in your list.

8. Write top 10 posts.:

9. Write 101 list posts like this.

10. Write about how to drive traffic to blog:

Everyone needs traffic and share your strategy which works for you. People like other bloggers who share the secret instead of keeping it to them.

11. Build your mailing list:

Email marketing has existed from long and it will be there for long. People don’t like to miss Emails, and by creating a targeted mailing list, you are actually making a fortune for yourself.

12. Write for tutorial sites – Like tutorialized.com, many of these sites can send you thousands of visitors per article.

13. Work on getting covered by the media – this alone can help you gain a lot of traffic.

14. Write Link-bait posts.

15. Submit your blog to Technorati, I was checking my stats recently and I saw they are sending me a decent number of traffic (don’t underestimate their traffic).

16. Join blogging communities (like MMO Social Network and BlogEngage)

17. Join secret bloggers club where they do retweet and promote each others post – this alone can send you a decent number of traffic.

18. Blog Pinging:

Always ping your blog after writing your blog posts using a site like pingomatic (Ping O Matic) – this allows some sites to cover and and can lead to an inflow of blog traffic.

19. Submit your blog to blog carnivals – A good place to start is BlogCarnival.com.

20. Start a Contest –

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Start a giveaway or blog contest and get more real targeted subscribers. You will be amazed with the response which you usually get for contest. You can always start with 1-2 free domain giveaway.

21. Create cool videos related to your niche and mass distribute it to video sites by using a service like tubemogul.com.

22. Use your blog URL as signature in your email. (Use Wisestamp addon)

23. Submit your blog to feed directories – they can distribute your blog posts to so many sites thereby leading to increase traffic to blog.

24. Write a press release about your blog and submit it to free press release websites.

25. Advertise your blog using Google Adwords.

26. Advertise your blog using Facebook Ads.

27. Advertise your blog on your local television station.

28. Advertise your blog on your local radio station.

29. Advertise your blog on your local newspaper.

30. Advertise your blog on online yellow pages.

31. Create a professional Twitter account, get some followers and start tweeting your blog posts (make sure to use #hashtags).

32. Add social sharing buttons to your blog (at the end of all posts, preferably) – you will get more traffic when people share your posts.

33. Submit your blog to blog directories – they also send some good traffic (especially if you are a new blogger).

34. Submit your blog to website directories – every little traffic adds.

35. Submit articles to article directories.

36. Start a controversial topic – Be very careful with this though, so that you won’t regret your action.

37. Make sure you are listed in DMOZ – this is a Google-respected directory and getting listed can improve your rankings in Google and other search engines overnight, thereby leading to more traffic.

38. Sue Google or any big company – the media will cover this and boom you are already getting lots of traffic.

39. Always submit your posts to StumbleUpon (make sure you submit many other site’s posts to so that they don’t ban you for spamming).

40. Always use tags in your posts.

41. Answer questions on yahoo answers and use your blog as the source.

42. Write a post featuring the top influencers in your niche e.g. top ten internet marketing blogs, they might retweet the post and you will get some traffic.

43. Contact many bloggers and ask them the same questions, compile all their answers into a post – They will most likely retweet it.

44. Interview the top bloggers in your niche – they will retweet it and they might even end up linking to it on their blog.

45. Be the first to cover top news – big blogs like TechCrunch will cover it later and link to you as the source.

46. Get listed in Google news.

47. Write a post containing pictures only – A great example is, the top 10 most ugly buildings on earth. (Social bookmarking traffic)

48. Make video posts. Video Blogging is great way to go viral.

49. Write posts in relation to celebrities e.g. What Michael Jackson’s death taught me about blogging.

50. Write great, super-duper, killer headlines – headlines matters a lot nowadays.

51. Do something that has never been done (sounds difficult? It won’t go unrewarded).

52. Submit your blog posts to niche social news sites like Sphinn and Bizsugar.

53. Look for a top or medium blogger in your niche and disagree or agree strongly with one of their posts – they will want to prove themselves in another post and they will end up linking to you, and this means more traffic.

54. Advertise your blog on Craigslist.

55. Try and review products related to your niche on Amazon, you can link to your blog in your review.

56. Review big websites related to your niche on Alexa and try to link back to your site in the review.

57. Submit your posts to Digg – try to look at which type of post goes popular there, submitting its type will help you get similar results.

58. Contact a few of your blogging friends (maybe 10) and ask them to help you share and vote your blog post on social bookmarking sites.

59. Interview many Top people in your niche at a time.

60. Do a face-off comparing some top bloggers in your niche.

61. Take a look at a celebrity that has a lot of fans and write a post on why the fellow is not supposed to have any fans.

62. Make sure your readers subscribe to your feed, this will bring about more repeat visitors (which is worth more than one-time visits).

63. Try to be a social media power user.

64. Make influencers and power users your friend.

65. Make it easier to translate the content on your blog – this helps you gain more international visitors.

66. Proofread your blog posts regularly – many people won’t link to unprofessional articles.

67. Start a very creative product/company/website – a lot of big blogs (like TechCrunch) would like to write about you.

68. Make the news at all costs – people will search for your name in Google and then land on your website.

69. Sponsor charities and give them a link to your blog, they will be very happy to link to you thereby leading to more traffic.

70. Build a very useful tool e.g. a great SEO tool – this will lead to more link to your website and more traffic too.

71. Join a blog webring.

72. Add a forum to your blog.

73. Try to have guest posters on your blog – Some of my high traffic posts are from guest authors.

74. Advertise your blog on billboards and flyers offline – offline marketing can also help.

75. Make a custom T-shirt with your name on it, distribute some to other people freely and also make sure you wear yours regularly.

76. Write great posts that start with [Pls Don’t Read] – people are so curious and will want to read, thereby sharing your great post.

77. Try to do free blogging seminars in your local area, collaborate with top people over there and let them help you gather people together – use the free seminar as an opportunity to advertise your blog.

78. Sponsor blog contests in your niche – this is a cool way to get backlinks and blog traffic.

79. Be a friend of all top bloggers in your niche – they can mention you once in a while thereby leading to more traffic to you.

80. Write an “Ultimate Guide” to something – this often goes viral thereby leading to more retweets, shares and traffic.

81. Create a survey about a popular subject and publish the result out for the public to see – this will lead to backlinks and traffic.

82. Write a blog post listing the top power users on a particular social bookmarking site – this will lead to more backlinks and traffic.

83. Create a post that ranks people/things/place – e.g. “The top 10 cities in the world” (try to make this go in line with your niche).

84. Regularly create infographics.

85. Release a free ebook and link to your website in it, it can go viral and lead to more traffic for you – I am not talking of eBook to build your list, I am talking of something absolutely free.

86. Create free CSS templates and submit them to CSS directories while linking back to your blog.

87. Have a custom design for your blog under a great framework and tell the developers to showcase your blog in their gallery.

88. Launch a traffic contest – tell several people to do their best to send traffic to your blog in a month. Make sure you give the top referrer a price (the price must be attractive if you want the best).

89. Create several great podcasts and submit it to iTunes (with a link back to your blog, of course).

90. Try to make it to the delicious frontpage.

91. Have a Facebook fan page for your blog – I didn’t know how much traffic I was losing by not having one until recently.

92. Always do a weekly link love post in which you link to 10 or more bloggers, if you do this consistently you will begin to get more people link to you also thereby leading to more traffic.

93. Always do Keyword Research before you write your posts – many people are missing a lot of search engine traffic because of this.

94. Create a mobile version of your blog – catering for different types of audience means more traffic for you, some people only browse from their mobile phones.

95. Create an iPhone app for your website – iPhone is very popular and you can leverage its power to your benefit.

96. Create a keyword-rich Squidoo lens for your blog.

97. Create a keyword-rich HubPages hub for your blog.

98. Participate in website groups like Google groups etc.

99. Advertise your website using the StumbleUpon ads – the more people like your ad, the more free traffic you can get.

100. Put your blog address on your business card – many people overlook small things like this, yet it works.

101. Write great April fool jokes on the first of every April e.g. Google has been bought by Microsoft (people love to hear things like this).