Effectiveness of Targeting Company Traffic in MLM

Multi-level marketing businesses basically thrive on an extensive network of personal contacts. However, they can easily be depleted with the passing of time. To respond to such occurrence, partakers in the MLM industry often turn to websites to generate traffic and come in contact with different people.

It should be noted that, however, that creating a business website or blog is not enough. The purpose should be to generate online traffic to the website, thus increasing the chance to meet people to whom you can sell your products to or invite as part of your downline.

If there’s one thing that every Internet marketer seems to want more of, it’s traffic. Traffic is the lifeline of Internet marketing. If you get more quality visitors to your site, you can increase your sales numbers in direct proportion to the increase. Even the best website in the world can’t overcome a traffic deficit. If no one is stopping by, no one is making a purchase. Traffic is money.

You see, people talk about their quest for “traffic” when they really don’t want “traffic” at all. What they really want is “targeted traffic” and understanding the difference is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful business website owner.

Traffic only matters if there’s a chance that the visitors in question can actually be converted into customers. That’s not always the case, and the traffic that involves non-buyers doesn’t really do you much good.

Suppose you had a great website all about widgets. One of the pages on your site talks about ways you can customize widgets. It draws a comparison between a certain paint style and “the controlled chaos of a Jackson Pollack masterpiece”. The search engines will find that text. And you might soon find that you’re getting an occasional visitor from people who are Googling “controlled chaos Jackson Pollack” and other related queries. That traffic is bumping up your numbers, but none of those art fans are likely to hop from your site to go off and purchase a widget-related information project. It’s traffic, but it’s not targeted.

Targeted traffic is a flow of visitors who are likely to have a strong and sincere interest in the products you’re promoting. In this era of cheap hosting and bandwidth, there’s nothing necessarily wrong about getting free untargeted traffic, but you can’t confuse it with real potential buyers.

When you are hoping to increase your website or blog traffic, you have to think about everything from the website e-design, to the overall content that is provided. For example, take a look at your current website. What design theme are you currently using? Are the colors inviting and open? If you are appealing to a younger audience, is the theme modern and progressive? On the other hand, if you are trying to appeal to the average, middle age businessman, you will want your blog to be a bit more formal, ensuring that the content is all relevant to promoting success among business owners and entrepreneurs. Regardless of what type of website you create, it is essential that you determine who your target audience is, if you wish to increase blog traffic.

One of the best ways to create targeted traffic is by creating a website that the search engines will adore. If you make friends with Google, you’ll make money! When you build a website that the search engines see as an authority within your niche, they’ll send you visitors with a sincere interest in your topic. Good SEO involves the selection of the proper keywords as part of the content creation process, solid on page structure, and providing new material regularly among other techniques.

However, what matters most is choosing the target audience to create targeted traffic. Determining the appropriate target audience is not an easy task. In the previous example, the audience was broken up into various age groups. However, this is not the only way that you can determine your target audience. Instead, you can focus on a person’s interests and overall personality. For example, you may have a blog that instantly becomes popular among rock music lovers, or you may have a blog that becomes an instant fascination among pet owners. In these circumstances, your content is obviously a bit more focused, and therefore the audience could be anyone with similar interests regardless of the age of the individual. Through market research, you can learn more about the basics of determining your target audience. Keep in mind that demographics can also play a large part in learning more about the audience that reads your blog on a regular basis.

Depending on the website that you use, you can set up a graph and chart that you can keep track of your online traffic. If you change something on your site in hopes of increasing the traffic, you obviously want to be able to determine whether or not the changes are promoting the blog or appearing to remain the same among viewers. This is all part of the process of conducting proper research in order to increase the readers that visit your blog on a daily basis. By taking the time to set up a charting system to determine the amount of blog traffic you receive each day, you can better evaluate what methods are working and what methods have not been as successful. As you discover these findings, it is vital that you keep track of all of your findings. The last thing you want to do is spend money on research and then not be able to use your findings. Therefore, it is vital that you keep track of all of your results in order to promote your online blog or website.

Targeted traffic creates real customers that are happier. When people type “where to buy a widget” into Google and you have a good spot in the search results, that’s going to deliver some great targeted traffic to your site – the kind that will make the purchases that fill your coffers. One “where to buy a widget” visitor is worth a few hundred thousand “controlled chaos Jackson Pollack” wanderers. You don’t want traffic. You want targeted traffic!

It is very much important for online marketers to focus on their targeted traffic in order to experience the full benefits of web marketing. Many individuals may websites with contents they are not genuinely interested in. They may also be led astray into visiting the “wrong” websites because of certain keywords. It is vital for online marketers to be wary of the audience their website will be shown to. You may be able to generate traffic but you are not assured as to whether you are able to reach out to your target audience.

Targeted traffic is beneficial in the sense that having such increases the chances of sales and earnings. Targeted traffic is much better than mere traffic itself because it ensures that whoever visits your website is interested and can become a clientele or part of your downline.

Internet marketers should alter their website so as to bring in more targeted traffic. Targeted traffic gives the results they have and opens more opportunities to generate sales.

Simple Ways To Generate Website Traffic!

The majority of websites in the Internet world is run by traffic. My site is being visited by the traffic I produce and the traffic others make through social media, linking, and so on..

It is important to have good knowledge about “traffic” and quite specifically “targeted traffic”. But that isn’t a problem since the very beginning is going to be mess of traffic and it is hard to sort things out. But over time, you will be able refine your traffic to be the specific “kind”.

Traffic is what makes you money and getting those new visitors to be daily visitors and readers. Bloggers coming onto the scene, just starting are going to ask the question, “How do I get traffic to my site?”. A very common question and one that has Google searching many, many times.

It is a dream to have massive traffic to a website and potentially being the “Internet Dream”. There a number of massive techniques on the internet, but introductory of them will be discussed in the article.

Many “small” techniques can be done by one, but the established “amount” of it is really not worth it. This article has provided reliable, simple ways for those new in the industry and by those that need a boost on a post.

Communication is limitless to your traffic and it will grow based on how much unique content it is being presented in front of them and the design factor of your site or blog. This article presents to you “the traffic” on how to use simple, yet effective ways of traffic generation.

Beginners will be benefited by it greatly and should not hesitate to get fuller understanding of each method further on their own. Many website owners and bloggers, such as “myself”, used and are currently using the exact same methods of investing our time and knowledge in the field of online traffic.

It’s an art worth investing “looking” into and getting your system of generation into full effect every single day. It will most definitely fluctuate many times, but with continuous effort from the individual, it will slowly bee seen as the growth of the site’s traffic.

With that being said, here is an article worth reading and getting an “idea” about traffic generation like a pro.

1# Simple Way

Share On Social Media.

One of the most simple ways to get decent traffic from. Even if you don’t have a large following, don’t skip this part.

Social media is very important to get traffic from, since it is targeted and taking a huge part on the online world as of today and going into the future.

Even Google is looking into Social Media as a signal of their search engine traffic. More shares and links on a Social Media site signals it is important to Google and will rank it much better than those not shared much.

“The links that you build through social media, the references, the authority – all can have an impact in various ways on how you are ranked and listed even in ‘regular’ search results,” says Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, in an email interview. “Social media allows for people to provide more trusted signals.”

Two social media sites that have gotten this blog an amount of traffic has been:

Facebook and LinkedIn

Those two have been the best for quick traffic. Both sites can have friendships made and share exclusively fast with each other. Take advantage of their groups where you can share.

Another social site is:


Make sure tweet often from specific users and follow users that follow back. Simple stuff.

Other social sites according to eBiz:

  • Google+
  • DeviantArt
  • Live Journal

Having the right plugin at your disposal is a fine way to identify those signals of sharing from the social sites.

#2 Simple Way

Commenting the Smart Way.

Another way to get fast traffic is through commenting. About the same way of getting traffic from social media. Both go through the content you write and by your “image” visibility.

There is a difference of getting some traffic and a whole lot!

Comment strategically. Have a RSS Reader on hand and see when posts are first published. Choose about five or ten blogs that receive good traffic, and try to be in the top 5 area of the comment section.

Always strive for that top comment!

#3 Simple Way

Join Communities That Share.

Communities have many site owners and bloggers going into their site and sharing their content. This way, make sure to add yours since many bloggers are doing the same thing to get their word out.

It is simple to do and can receive some traffic from there depending on how much time you invest int he communities.

More time = More traffic.

But I advise to not spend too much time in a community since they’re more important things to work on to get your content out there.

Some examples of communities that you can join to get traffic:

  • BizSugar
  • Blogengage
  • Blokube

#4 Simple Way

Bookmarking on popular Social Sites.

StumbleUpon is the most popular along with Reddit. They both get incredible traffic everyday and probably been heard by you before.

What works on these two is content that is viral and currently trending. I have seen this countless times with others and myself. Those that say it many times, believe them.

What else works is content or an article that solves a problem. Evergreen content does so well as well. It has to be written very well with your own unique style to it.

According to eBiz, these are sites that can be benefited from:

  • Digg
  • BuzzFeed
  • Delicious
  • SlashDot

#5 Simple Way

Asking for other site owners or bloggers to share.

A simple yet such an effective way of getting traffic back to your site or blog. Get in contact of others and don’t think that you are the only one out there.

They are probably on any social site, get in contact and start a conversation with them. Connect and ask them to share your post once in a while. They will gladly help you.

Also do the same in return for them to continue what they do.

They could be hanging out in the communities mentioned before, and there is an opportunity for them to share.

#6 Simple Way

Add “Eye-Appealing” Images to you Article.

Believe it or not, images have a huge impact on how they perceive things.

Add nice Images to your posts. Actually, always add “the best” images to your posts.

I have had many clicks and shares to some articles that I have added sexy and awesome pictures to. It has a psychological impact on the reader’s brain.

#7 Simple Way

Link to other Posts.

Each time you link to another article, the receiving end such as the website(blog) will receive a ping. This works only on a “WordPress” blog and no other else.

This isn’t a problem since WordPress is the most widespread blog platform used. Just link to a similar article and see the “other side” to check out your article.

If the other person likes what he sees, expect him to comment and maybe even “share” the article around, with his followers.

Linking to other relevant sources shows the connection to other respectable people. Readers take notes of this and will be more “likely” to share your article.

#8 Simple Way

Add Your article to Article Directories.

Yet another simple way to get you article in front of “targeted” audience. Each time you add a new article to an account of an Article Directory, you are establishing yourself as an authoritative author.

Just add a single article to the top 10 article directories and get them published on other sites.

Don’t add them just for SEO, since the links are not of High Value to Google. Just get them published on other blogs, and get the targeted traffic back to your site.

Wrapping it up:

Use these tips to your advantage to gain the traffic you are looking for. You can get the traffic. The traffic was always there. You just need to know how to leverage sites and social sites to get them to visit your article and share it with others.

These are simple ways of getting traffic at the start of your blog and going on through the months ahead. Simple ways of getting simple traffic to your blog. Don’t expect to be a flood of them, but continue to build on these principles that can grow your traffic.

So share the article with your friends and help them get the simple traffic they need on their “site”. Spread these words on paper on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Thank you for reading.

Extreme Free Traffic Review

So what exactly is James Underwood’s Extreme Free Traffic about?

It isn’t enough that you have great content and a great opportunity on your blog – you also need to make money with traffic. Extreme Free Traffic is a secret ‘VIRAL’ traffic system, best part is, it’s all absolutely free and grows on autopilot.

Dubbed the ‘best viral system for increasing free traffic’, the Extreme Free Traffic shows you how to stop spending money on paid traffic, stop spending time on getting free traffic and watch the traffic grow on autopilot. This is not easy by any means but James Underwood provides easy to follow video modules on how to get unlimited access to all the free viral traffic you can handle.

For example James teaches you how to make money on ClickBank, CPA, PayPal and Flippa using Facebook fan pages.

Now whilst having great content and great posts on your website is a start James Underwood takes you through step by step on how to develop your optimised Facebook fan page and how you can increase free traffic to your fan page which ultimately means increased free web traffic to your website.

The method really does go into depth on how to actually implement it in ‘real’ life scenario’s, everything from how and where you should do each step and little tips to improving your page.

Ive used many traffic generating systems over the last year to increase traffic to my websites and don’t get me wrong, I have used some brilliant products and systems. However this was one of the best systems which came with EXACT instructions of how to increase your free traffic make money with traffic. Not to mention James Underwood’s style of demonstrating these methods make it an enjoyable watch.

Here’s exactly how James Underwood’s ‘Extreme Free Traffic’ works:

By following the blueprint you will be able to increase the number of visitors to your website, you will be able to get more subscribers to your list, and you can completely customize it to fit in with the offer you are promoting.

You will have the ability to go Viral and increase traffic on autopilot.It grows automatically, it doesn’t cost you any money, you don’t need to keep working for traffic and its targeted and actually converts into money.

You will be able to increase your earnings through the use of Facebook fan pages. In Extreme Free Traffic the complete blueprint is revealed on how to get ‘VIRAL’ traffic and make money from Facebook Fanpages. The report which accompanies the video modules also provides great ideas of the buzz words in the Fanpage world. James Underwood focuses on Fanpage traffic and shows how to create a traffic hub portal for your Fanpage so you get autopilot traffic from the search engines.

It has been proven that if you drive traffic to your Fanpage it explodes into VIRAL Extreme Free Traffic.

Extreme Free Traffic provides you with unlimited support to help with any problems that may arise or any questions you may have, you will get free updates so that you always have the latest and most effective blueprint.

You will have 60 days to try it out and if you don’t see a higher number traffic visiting your website or offer you can request a full refund.

What are the BAD things about James Underwood’s Extreme Free Traffic?

Just like every product I have reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after viewing James Underwood’s Extreme Free Traffic.

You will need to take responsibility and find out which niche’s and offers will work best.

To Monetise your Facebook Fanpage with a eye catching design for huge profits you need to install a few applications and if you are not creative with graphics like me it is recommended that you have to outsource this and knowledge of web editors to paste your images and contents to your Fanpages. Unfortunately this part of the module does not come with a step by step demonstration on how to do it.

FcAebook is regularly updated which may result in the actual presentation of Facebook Fanpages looking slightly different in the future.

And how about the GOOD things about Extreme Free Traffic?

It’s a very easy and enjoying watch to say the least. James really has a nice presentation style and his experience of Facebook Fanpages really shines through.

It comes with four added software bonuses you can download as well as a free money making Website and much much more!

It is completely different from ANYTHING you have ever purchased in this area. James really stands out from all those Facebook marketing experts out there, his blueprint is different yet backed with evidence and examples of his blueprint actually working for other marketers.

It is so simple you can set up a simple monkey making Facebook Fanpage with 5 minutes following the tutorial videos and see it going viral increasing traffic to any website or offer you promote.

Overall, what do I think?

Extreme Free Traffic is great. The money I am earning now has increased two fold just because of the free viral traffic I have set up and used. Not only does this show you the blueprint on how this works but inspires you to be creative and make money marketing all types of offers you may not have thought was possible and the traffic just keeps on going, so it’s showing no signs of slowing down.