Article Marketing and Traffic Generation – How to Build the 3 Types of Traffic You Must Have Online

Article marketing and traffic generation is a great combination for bringing you highly qualified and highly targeted traffic. In this article we’re focusing on article marketing and the three types of traffic you must have.

3 types of traffic

These 3 types can deliver all the traffic you will ever need. I couldn’t stop the visitors coming into my web sites and blogs because of these strategies if I wanted to, and I assure you I don’t want to. And neither will you.

Let’s take a closer look at the three types of traffic you must have. It’s not a matter of just one type, it’s a matter of three types.

The first thing I ever learned about traffic on the Internet is this:

Don’t chase after traffic. Find out where the traffic is going and get in front of it.

Now, with article marketing and social marketing and social article marketing, I have added to that quote to say:

Don’t chase after traffic, find out where the traffic is going, get in front of it, and then re-direct it exactly where you want it to go.

And where you want it to go is your profit centers like your blog, your opt in pages, your product resource pages as well.

The three types of traffic are:

1) Immediate traffic

2) Regular traffic

3) Long-term/evergreen traffic

Immediate traffic is traffic that you want to get right away. Article marketing provides that for you. When you create a piece of content and put it on EzineArticle and other article directories, on your blog, and other places, you will get immediate traffic from that 20 to 30 minute investment that it took you to create that content and submit it. That is a great way to get immediate traffic.

Now, imagine having that power at your disposal. You need traffic, create another article. Boom. Simple as that.

Regular traffic means regular, daily, even hourly, consistent traffic from your efforts. Your articles and your content does that as well. An article that may be old to you is brand new to the person that finds it for the first time.

On an article directory, on your Facebook fan page, in your YouTube videos. That’s immediate traffic and then regular consistent traffic.

Long-term evergreen traffic is traffic that keeps producing for you day after day, hour after hour, year after year for you once you created the bait or the content.

I’ve got one article that was written in August of 2005 and it still consistently averages 1,500 or more unique visitors a month for something I did many years ago. That’s evergreen traffic and that’s the kind of traffic you get when you get your articles out there, when you get your content out there. You get traffic, you get benefits from something you did weeks, months, even years ago.

And then you stack each piece of content, each article upon another. That evergreen traffic just continues to build and pretty soon you’ve got more traffic coming in than you ever thought and you won’t be able to stop it, even if you want to. And like I assured you, you won’t want to.

Traffic Building – Free Methods to Build Website Traffic

If you’ve ever paid for web traffic, you know that it can be hit or miss at best. The fact is that it rarely produces the best quality traffic. And, in some cases, the visitor isn’t a visitor at all, but merely a robot (scripted and programmed computer) that visits the site until the “traffic” quota you paid for is satisfied. In the end, paying for web traffic of any kind is risky, and isn’t something that a beginner (or expert, for that matter) should try until they have exhausted the possibilities that exist for free traffic. Which is to say, never. Free traffic is nearly unlimited, if you know how to attract it.

Of course, the first and foremost free website traffic source that people immediately think of is the traffic that come from search engines. Through search engine optimization (SEO) and plenty of patience (and maybe some luck), you get a highly ranked search result that drives lots of targeted traffic to your website. It does work. Many swear by it. But, it can take a really long time to work. Results can take weeks and even months before you see any quantifiable increase in traffic.

Hiring an SEO professional may help speed up the process, but then, the traffic is no longer free, is it? Increasing targeted internet traffic is important. But, you need to understand where you can get quality free traffic. There are many sources that are being employed by successful online entrepreneurs and that are proven to work.

What is the best way to get free website traffic? There are several techniques for getting traffic that are working today. They are being used very successfully to drive quality traffic to websites and are also a good starting point for you. The age of your website and the amount of traffic you already get make no difference at all.

Using proven traffic methods like those below, you can become more successful at getting your website traffic. Many will take a list like that below and try using each and every one of them at once. I suggest that you don’t do that. Pick one and perfect it before beginning to use the next one. Doing OK work on several methods will never beat doing great work on one. It is important, however, to remember that diversification is important. When you have perfected one method and creates a system to repeat that success, begin using another. If the first traffic source drys up, you don’t want your traffic to dry up with it.

So, what are these free traffic methods?

Video: You’ve likely heard the name YouTube. Video viewership is increasing by the day. It’s become easier to create video and is free to post on most video sites.

Social Networking: Social Networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace can drive a lot of targeted traffic to your website. The key here, is that they are social networks. It’s not just putting up a link and hoping people click on it. You will need to be engaged with the other users in your social network. That means you need to have good content that explains your site, and answers any questions the users might have. Try to avoid directly selling to the users.

Article Marketing: Article Directories like and can help you get additional visibility and lead to a higher perceived level of expertise. This leads to more traffic. These directories are usually highly favored by the search engines and so your content could rank higher based on that.

Press Releases: Press releases (in particular, well written ones) can improve search engine rankings as well as drive traffic to your website.

Forums: Forum traffic can be highly targeted. This is a similar traffic source to social networks, and so, the same rules apply. Usually just a link and short blurb in your signature is required. Again, being engaged without directly selling people is a must. Use your knowledge to add to the conversation and answer questions. This will add to your expert standing and gain trust from the users.

Local Search: Getting your website listed in the search engines for local queries can be an immense help. Local searches are searches that contain a city, state, or regional name. Generally, there are fewer exact matches for these searches, which makes them easier to rank higher for.

Podcasts: A Podcast is an audio recording that you post to the internet. Generally, you post it to a blog (or your website), but there are a few directories that are available for posting to. Most computers come with the software to record sound, you just need a microphone.

Blogging: A blog, with regular posts, can be a great way to increase your traffic. As a rule, blogging goes hand in hand with social networking. Most blogs will create an RSS feed (think of it as broadcasting your posts to the internet) that people can subscribe to.

External Links: Linking is one of the key methods of increasing your search engine ranking and driving organic traffic to your website. Usually, they are permanent and can drive a good amount of traffic.

Offline Marketing: Seminars, conferences, meet-ups, and other networking opportunities in your field can be a very effective traffic engine. Think of this as social networking, just without a computer in-between you and your target.

Joint ventures: Find someone else in your field and partner with them. Perhaps they have an email list that they would be willing to let you use. Or, it could be something as simple as guest posting on each others blogs.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to achieve website traffic and not end up with an empty wallet. Try one, become good at it, and then continue on to the next. You’ll be buried under tons of traffic in no time.

Getting Traffic to Your Site – The Simple Rule

The name of the article says it all, everyone struggles to get it, for ways to get traffic, whatever kind of traffic it may be, free or paid, hopefully this article gives people who are new to internet marketing a little bit of help on to get traffic to your site or to get more traffic to your blog. many people ask how to get traffic. Lets start of with what it is.

What is it?

It is the most important component in the world of internet marketing,without the right traffic coming to your website or blog your going to fail. If you’re trying to make money from home by using a website or blog, you need to either get free traffic to your website or get paid traffic. Here it is broken down for your THE MORE YOU GET = THE MORE YOU GET PAID. It’s that simple, traffic equals money, you want traffic that not only converts into a lead, but we also want to convert the leads into buyers. That is how you get paid, so obviously you want to get more traffic to your blog, or get traffic to your website. Now traffic is broken down into two parts.

The two types of which you can use to get more traffic to your blog.

Free – Get free traffic to website through using article marketing, press releases, blogging, social media & video, these are the best ways to get free traffic without paying any money at all, great for if your on a tight budget. Facebook and YouTube have the biggest sources of traffic on the internet, think about it 500 MILLION PEOPLE are signed up to Facebook, imagine if you could get traffic to your blog or get traffic to your website by using Facebook. I suggest either creating a group page on Facebook outlining what your site is about and leaving a link to it so the members can click on it and there you will get free traffic to your website. Another way is to get traffic from twitter, again so many people use twitter and it would be and excellent way to get more traffic to your blog. These are just a few ways on how to get free traffic.

Paid – Get paid traffic to your blog or website, paid traffic can get more traffic to your blog then free traffic and should definitely be considered to get traffic to your site. Examples include purchasing ad space on a website that pertains to a similar topic(s), where your capture page relates to the messages coming before that page, pay per click advertising, cost per action networks, and more.

There are many ways to get it, TRAFFIC is the most important factor in internet marketing, with little or no traffic, you don’t stand a chance of earning any money online what so ever. You need to get traffic so that visitors know that your website or blog is live on the internet, acquiring traffic is a difficult task.